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Building a Home - How does it Work?

March 16, 2020 • By Colleen Ellison

Is it easier or harder than buying a previously owned Home?

Okay so you've been coming back and forth to our website for about a week now, and you're a little scared on how it works. After all, you've never even owned a home before, let alone built one. 

In this Article, I'm going to break down the process. Specifically, ASGi's Process - and how we build a Home for you and what the experience will be like.

One thing to note is, most Homebuilders are a little behind on Technology. Not all of them are, but dont expect the same experience like you're going to see below. 

Finding a Home.

Okay! So we'll base it off this scenario. 

You want a Home, and you went on our Website.

You contacted us directly, and we reached out to you. 

First off, we have two types of Homes, "Specs" and "Builds".

  • Spec, is something we decided to build, and we'll sell it later. Nobody asked us to build this, we just wanted to put something on the market, and it's useful to show you what we offer!
  • Build: This is when you want a specific plan on a specific lot/community. There is no difference in cost between spec and Build. All of our plan pricing is inclusive of land.

So lets say, you'd like to build a Home, because you weren't a fan of the current ones we have available. Great! First we'd take a look at some locations. .Where are you looking? Willis, Huntsville, Cleveland? Lets say you decided Huntsville! - Specifically Waterwood, our beautiful wooded community. 

Okay! Now what plan are you looking for? This is when it starts coming together. We have 26 Plans, and around 20 of them are built in Huntsville for you to readily view. We're also up there 7 Days a week, 10AM To 7PM. 

26 Plans may sound daunting, and we don't expect you to view 10 of them. This is where we narrow it down to what your looking for. Most people need a 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Home. Some people having a garage is a MUST HAVE! Others, don't care (Like myself.) You kinda like the idea of the garage. 

Budget? This is really simple. We're not going to push you for something you cant afford. Of all people, we understand this. How much are you looking to pay monthly? This is Principle, Tax, Interest & Insurance. (All in). You are paying 1100 in rent right now, but you'd rather not go over 1000 a month. Okay! That narrows down our plans. 

Right, so we're looking for a 3 Bed 2 Bath, with at least a 1 Car Garage in Huntsville. Great, we've narrowed it down to around 4-5 Homes. Lets go take a look? 

Okay Great! So we schedule a showing up there, and you get to see some homes and talk to your consultant about what you need, want, problems etc. We have refreshments there too. 

Then you walk into our "Mike" Plan. Wow, what a great plan its got exactly what you need. Pantry? Check. Bedrooms? Check. Garage? Check. Affordable? Check. You fall in love, but you want to build it a little further around the community. 

No Problem! We find a lot (Land) that you like, and we decide to build it there. Up next, paperwork. 


Our "Mike" plan which is one of our most popular.

Getting Started.

The majority of people that read this have bought a car, and they know the ghastly amount of paperwork involved. We use DocuSign, so we email the document over and you can digitally sign it by clicking a button. Very fast, simple and efficient. It takes about 10 minutes to do the paper work to get started, and that's when we actually break down what the page is explaining.  Alright, whats next? 

Next is Earnest Money. If you apply with our Mortgage team, our earnest money is only $200. This is unheard of anywhere else. I challenge you right now, to go find a reputable builder that will do this. Go ahead I'll wait. 

Welcome back, told you so. Earnest money can be confusing, so I'll make this clear.

This is money that opens the title in your name, this essentially is the ignition for the contract. It must be a check or money order, and it is addressed to the title company, Not ASGi Homes. ( Title depends on community, your consultant will tell you.)You can bring it to us, or to the title company. Either way you have a week to get that $200 Check. 


One thing people get confused on is when they get that check back. Heres how it works, you bring it to us, and you apply for a mortgage. You have 30 Days to get approved/Pre-approved.  If you don't get approved by no fault of your own EG Credit is too low, after the 30 Day Period the contract automatically Voids, and you will get your $200 back. 

Anyway, now we've got the back-end rolling, lets get on with the fun stuff. 

**The only time you wouldn't get earnest money back, is if you wasted time. For example, if you get approved and all that, but decide to back out. In that scenario,  we would keep the earnest money.


This is by far my favorite piece of the Home-Building process. 99% Of the time, you're going to come down to our Conroe Office, and pick out what your house is going to have. We have a wide range of Tile, Carpet, Paint, Counter tops and cabinets that make your Home very ... "you". This usually takes an hour or so. 

Our Awesome Selection Studio that we put a lot of effort into.


Pre-Construction Meeting. 

This sounds confusing, but in reality its a catch-net. And we dont make exceptions for this. We'll schedule a time and date for you to either come in, or video call us where we can share our screens. We'll go over the Plan, where we're going to be placing it, and confirm all your selection choices. We'll make sure this is being built how YOU want it, and so your Home will live up to your expectations. You'll sign a piece of paper saying yep, they've got it right. And then its off to the races. WE'RE BUILDING YOUR HOUSE NOW! :D

So one AWESOME thing about building with us, is that App I mentioned earlier, "Builder Trend".

This lets you see everything we can see. For example, the construction Calendar:

Construction Cal

Now this may seem a little complicated. But this is the literal layout of whats going on in your Home. And you can access this from your Computer, Phone, Tablet, Microwave, you get the idea.

This is what we use to build your home, You are seeing what we see. And if something happens and you're wondering why your Home is delayed a day or so? It'll be here. Raining so we can't pour foundations? It'll Shift the calendar to adjust. Of course you're always welcome to ask your superintendent any questions that you have. 

We also update pictures every week on your home, so if you're moving quite far, you get to see your house springing to life from distance. This happens quite often actually, we have a lot of California Buyers that buy a house and we build it, and they watch it being built and then move here when its done. 

Closing Checklist


This is something the Mortgage Team will do, they will order someone to get a price on the Home, so they can insure it for the Mortgage. Basically, they want to make sure you're paying what you should be for your home. Once the appraisal comes back good, generally we're going to be clear to close!


Before you finish up with us and we head to closing, you want to make sure your brand new Home is up to par right? That's why we have 2 Walks before you close your home.

  • Initial Walk: You will tour your home with your Superintendent, and ANYTHING that catches your eye we will put in writing to have fixed. Usually takes an hour.
  • Final Walk: We generally will do this in the morning of the day you close on your Home. This will be a full guide on everything in your home, kinda like a "on-boarding" on how to work your home.

These are generally spaced out a week or so, so we have ample time to fix anything that may of came up on the Initial Walk. *If* anything that wasn't fixed during the time between, is made note of and signed on by us and you. This is brought to closing which is then signed on by both parties.

Usually that would happen if for example, we needed to touch up some paint and we were out of stock or, you noticed one of the bedroom door locks is faulty and we've ordered a replacement. This rarely happens, but in the event it does, you have the peace of mind. 

Don't cry because then we'll start crying. 

Here we are at the finish line, at the Title company ready to sign the Home off us, and into your name. We'll sign some documents, you'll receive a bunch of warranty information, and some guidelines on your home.

Thats it, your now a homeowner. 

Just kidding we're not done. For the first year you'll have us directly for warranty issues should they arise. After the 1 Year Cycle, you'll move on to a 10-Year Warranty with our Warranty provider. And for you, this is a good thing. Why?

Because if we ever go bankrupt or out of business (Think, 2008 Crisis,) then you're still covered by a warranty. 

No but seriously we're done, if you went with our lender, you're first Mortgage payment will be due 2 Months AFTER your closing date. So if you closed on January 1st, your first payment will be March 1st.

Hopefully you enjoyed working with us and had fun during this exciting process. We'll send you a email survey, which we put on our reviews page, and an additional email about our referral program.  

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