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Do I need an Inspection on my New Home?

March 16, 2020 • By Mike Wilson

Worth asking, it could save you half a grand.

This is a question we've had before, and when you're investing in something as significant as a Home, its best to have a professional check it out, right?

Maybe. The answer is, if you're already buying a New Home, ASGi or Otherwise, you probably already have one!

Heres a few simple things you should consider before spending an additional $400-500 on a 3rd part inspection. 

Builders already have one.

Generally speaking, most reputable builders (including us!) already have a 3rd party inspection in place, to comply with the rigorous Engineering specifications, local municipalities, and builders code. You can ask for copies of the Engineers Inspections from the foundation and code frame inspections. If you are in a City or Municipality, you can also request copies of those independent inspectors reports. This is your right, so you shouldn't waste the chance to save a few hundred bucks. 

You Can Talk to Your Builder.

100% Of the time you're Home will have a Superintendent. The big boss man that coordinates everything. You can talk to him, and you should have his contact details. (Easy to find with ASGi Homes' Process.) Having an open conversation about your home, with your Superintendent on what an item is and how its correct, or how things are done, can give you some valuable information along the process of owning your Home. It also might cover something you were worried about, and thus you wont feel the need for another inspection. 

Quality Assurance Programs

In addition to 3rd party inspections, most home builders will have some form of a "Quality Assurance Program" in place where a senior builder and/or manager will lay eyes on your new home, and give feedback on corrections they would like to see made. So not only is it double checked, its checked by someone who's been in the business for a long time. So the little common mistakes are usually picked up during this. For reference, all of our homes have mandatory "QA Walks". Even Homes built by our VP Of Construction have a Quality Assurance Walk.

Your Intro Walk

When you buy your New Home, you'll have the opportunity to walk your New Home with your superintendent to learn where everything is and how it works, as well as address any noticeable cosmetic items that you would like to see corrected. Why pay someone else to look at your new home for cosmetic items, when you will ultimately be the standard for what you want your new home to look like?

Your Warranty

Your Home has a Warranty! Upon closing on your home most Builders will provide you with a 1-Year "bumper to bumper" warranty in which you are protected against faulty craftsmanship and material. Any code violation items found by an inspection preformed with the 1st year can also be repaired at no cost to the buyer. After this year, you're 10 year warranty will come into effect. You can read more about that warranty here.

The most important thing to keep in mind is communication. If you keep an open dialogue with your builder, you will be able to address concerns and ease your mind. After all, isn't "piece of mind" what you are buying when you pay for a 3rd party inspection? You can achieve the same piece of mind by asking the right question and obtaining the right documents from your builder.

Who knows, now maybe you can use that extra cash you would have spend on an inspection to buy your husband that new grill for his new house, or your wife that new couch shes been eyeing! (After closing of course!)

Written By Mike Wilson - VP Of Construction, ASGi Homes

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