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What does Your Warranty Cover?

March 16, 2020 • By Colleen Ellison

Buying a Home can be a costly process. 

Repairing a Home can be a costly process too, even more so if you're buying a previously owned Home. A lot of your average home buyer aren't aware of the dangers of buying a previously-owned Home. 

This is why you can't get certain loans for certain Homes. 

Let me explain, FHA and USDA have pretty solid guidelines for a home to qualify for a mortgage. The reason for this is, if you cant make your payments and you lose the house, they have something to cover that cost. The house itself it the collateral, or insurance on your loan. 

Now imagine you buy a Older Home, and unbeknownst to you, it has cracked foundations or a roof that needs repair. You can argue that the inspection would of caught this. Well, not every time, imagine you suddenly find out your roof is leaking after a large amount of rain? The inspector didn't sit up there with a hosepipe to see if your roof works. 

So here you are, now you need a new roof for at least $5,000-$10,000. Same thing applies with foundations. This is the scary part about buying a Home. I can explain this a little bit better, have you ever bought a car? Did you ever buy a car without taking it on a test drive? Would you have drove that car if you heard the engine rattling and it had 4 warning lights on the dashboard? 

You get the point, you can't take your Home for a test drive. And even if you had a mechanic inspect it, he can't predict something thats going to go wrong, like a radiator cracking or a gasket blowing. 

This is one of the Major benefits to buying a New Home, your home is covered by a warranty. Below we're gonna jump into what that warranty covers, and what the process is for if you ever have to use it. 

What's actually covered?

ASGi Homes Warranty, is a standard 1-10 Warranty. The majority of Home builders have this kind of warranty, because its simple and effective. 

Basically, after you close, the first year is covered "bumper to bumper" for anything that is fault craftsmanship or materials used. This will be fixed by us personally, and whats more is it covers anything caused by stated, however small or large. 

After your first year, you'll move onto a 10 Year " 3rd Party warranty". This is going to be your peace of mind over the next decade. It covers your Roof, and your Foundation. Which is without a doubt the two things you want covered, since they are by far the most expensive part of building a home. Roof and foundation cost way, way, way more than something like electrical or drywall.

Fun Fact: Our foundations are only built with Engineered, post tension designs at 3000PSI (Very strong). Our engineering company also does a full pre-pour inspection and certifies every single one, no exceptions. This is more expensive than what other builders put in, but you get what you pay for right?

How much do you Save?

Imagine how many things are in your house. From Drywall to Paint, Foundation to roof, electric to plumbing.

Okay got it? Now put a price on every single one of those things when something breaks or goes wrong. Big things like water heaters, AC and your roof are massive money sinks that you will pay thousands for with or without labor. This is one of the benefits again of buying a new home, in the long run it will save you a lot of money. 

One thing to note is that our products have warranties as well. What do I mean? Well with your home you get your standard 1-10 Warranty which covers everything that could ever go wrong. But further on from that, everything in your house has warranties as well. All the actual products, like your roof, siding, and things like your bath faucets. They all have their own, individual warranties.  

Without a doubt, a new Home can save you a LOT of money in the long run of owning a Home, even if you are a veteran handyman. 

Warranties are a pain to deal with.

Wrong, ours literally can't get any simpler. 

As with everything, we try to clarify and make things easy with building a Home. For your first year of owning a Home you'll be given your login credentials for a App called BuilderTrend, which is what you'll be using for building your house too. We have a fun process and its forgiving to use for the not so tech savy ones out there. You can read about it more here. 

But submitting a Warranty with us, takes roughly 2 minutes. 4 if you have to install the app and login. And as soon as you click "Submit" it'll instantly alert all of us that something wrong, it'll flood our email as well. We'll contact you within 24 Hours about a time to take a look and schedule a fix, and what the root cause or problem is. 

If something is seriously wrong, like your AC seems to be having problems in July, please call us so we can get someone out there IMMEDIATELY. We are not willing to let you suffer for several hours. 

Being a "tighly-knit" builder, we all know how this works and can get the word around fast. If you ever feel like you need help with your warranty, you always have us to rely on. 

As for your 10 Year Warranty, we give you plenty of documents at your closing to make sure you understand who you need to contact should anything ever go wrong.

Closing thoughts. 

We've covered most things about warranty, without going too in-depth, but one thing I wanted to point out in this last paragraph is the benefit of having a 3rd party warranty for 10 years. The benefit of this, is in the event that something goes wrong with our Company, you are still covered by your warranty. Regardless if we cease to exist. You're covered no matter what happens, and thats the peace of mind you deserve when buying a new Home. 

Written by Jack G - ASGi Homes 

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