01 Oct 2019

Featured: The Mike Plan

When your plans are so smart, they're self aware.

The Mike plan was a "leap of faith" if you like. It was a rebuild of our Tiffany plan - one of our most popular plans, but with a garage.

Sounds easy enough. Emphasis on sounds. 

Truth be told it was either going to turn out god-awful, or it was going to be amazing. And its on featured, so you can probably guess what it turned out to be. Not only does it look fantastic in person, but it feels like one of the larger homes, despite being on the smaller side. Its flexible, and has plenty of design options that make one of the favorites here at the office.

Just look at all these cool features.

The Mike:

  • 1,125 SqFt
  • 3 Beds, 2 Full Bathrooms
  • Utility Closet
  • Open Concept and Gormet "L" Shaped Kitchen

Beautiful Photos below 😍