Realtor Corner

At ASGi Homes we partner with professional REALTORS looking to make a difference. Our goal is to provide your clients with AFFORDABLE quality Homes in the Conroe, Willis, and Cleveland areas. REALTORS can start the process with our online registration below. Registering yourself as a company ensures that you will be there every step of the way for your client's journey.




FAQ's for REALTOR registration

1. What should be my company name?

Your company name is NOT the real estate company you work for. It must be your First Name Last Name REALTOR ID. Once we create your company profile, we are able to tie you to your client's deal. EX. Bugs Bunny 1234567


2. Why do I need my REALTOR ID?

Your REALTOR ID helps us know all your clients. This also ensures that your information is accurate in our system. Without your REALTOR ID you are unable to register clients.